Welcome to the evolution in 100% glass coating [ ceramic coating ] car protection!

Are you tired of washing and waxing cars? Is your car covered in dirt, scratches or stains from driving long distances on the road or from severe weather conditions? Pika Pika Rain offers one of the best solutions to coat and maintain a shiny car body!

Pika Pika Rain has an innovative patented technology to transform liquid into a glass coating [ ceramic coating ] (SiO2) protective layer for your car.

There are many other kinds of coating products in the marketplace such as wax which only provides an oil layer, or polymer coating which only provides a polymer/ resin layer, but these products do not last as long as the Pika Pika Rain real glass layer.

By using Pika Pika Rain glass coating [ ceramic coating ], you can protect your investment in your expensive sedan, luxury SUV, or other type of vehicle for up to 3 years!

Our products are made in Japan, and the 100% glass coating [ ceramic coating ] (SiO2) technology has been patented in both the U.S. and Japan.

• Creates a 100% real glass layer

• 3 years durability

• Luxurious lustre and gloss

• Excellent water repellency - water sliding effect

• Easy maintenance - dirt does not stick to the car body surface and easily comes off

• Eco friendly: *3 years wax free *No car shampoo needed for car wash *Quick car wash - uses less water

Pika Pika Rain Premium glass coating [ ceramic coating ] forms a 100% genuine-glass coating [ ceramic coating ] on your car body by reacting with moisture in the air. Once cured, the glass layer protects the car body for up to 3 years. The glass coating [ ceramic coating ] layer produces a luxurious gloss and provides excellent water repellency on your car body.

Harmful particles won't stick to the surface as easily so maintenance will be much easier. To easily remove dirt and other particles, just wash your car with water and wipe with a microfiber cloth, without the need for car shampoo.

Traditional car wax or car sealant look okay at first, but their lustre fades quickly and water repellency only lasts a few months. Pika Pika Rain Premium glass coating [ ceramic coating ] layer lasts up to 3 years, maintaining the luxurious glow on your car! Additionally, Pika Pika Rain Premium water sliding effect repels water and helps block dirt or other particles from sticking to the surface of your car.




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